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Ezinne Kalu dazzles in Fashion Showcase


Bold, Alluring, and Elegant!

Those are not particularly descriptions that most people would easily associate with Ezinne Kalu, a member of the Nigeria Women’s National Basketball Team for the fact that she is mostly known for her dazzling array of ball-handling prowess on the basketball court. But true to her feline nature, when she adorns her 5’8 powerful frame with designs from either The Style Era Boutique or Eastwick Collections, Ezinne morphs from a tigress into a an adorable kitten.

At the Fashion Showcase held recently at the Montclair Art Museum in New Jersey and put together by Elizabeth Rhonda Achampong, CEO of The Style Era Boutique, Ezinne sashayed the runway in stunning designs that reveal a different aspect of her world. She told BWB Style that she has been modeling for eight years, beginning from her high school days.

Ezinne is seen below wearing an olive dress with a v-neckline from Style Era Boutique. The floor-length gown is designed with side cutouts and a split down the center, giving glimpses of the strong legs capable of running at top speeds on the hardwood and striding gracefully on the runway.

Image: Mike B/Lens4Fashion

In these two pictures below, Ezinne is spotting designs by Anthony Eastwick from Eastwick Collections. The first is a body-fitting tar-black that accentuates her curves, while the bottom is contrasted with a red velvet bell-shaped design. The white dress has an open back that gently rounds out at the waist, lending a supple aura to her feminine features. The bottom is tapered-off smoothly with a dense white bell-shaped design.

Image: Mike B/Lens4Fashion

Though her transformation from basketball player to runway model isn’t exactly like that of the fictional Catwoman to Selina Kyle in the DC Comics series, but the similarities are there.

Image: Mike B/Lens4Fashion

Asked to describe her persona on the runway in comparison to her style on the basketball court, Ezinne said:

“It’s like I’m two different people in one body.”

“When I’m on the runway I feel so fierce, I feel like the most beautiful girl in the room it gives me so much energy. [On the runway] I try to be graceful and poised. When I’m on the court it’s a little different. My hunting instincts kick in [on the basketball court]. I’m on attack mode.”

Watch the video below as Ezinne saves the day for Nigeria in an international competition.

Basketball fans would remember her game-winning shot (in video above) at the Women’s Olympic Qualifiers against South Korea in Nantes, France this past June; Ezinne Kalu is showing, however, that she has the control to slow the tempo down a little bit into easy, lithe movements on the runway.



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