BasketballWithinBorders is built by hoop lovers for hoop lovers. We are a small team of basketball junkies who spend our free time watching countless NBA and college basketball games.

The site is led by me, Adam Evans. I became a fan of the sport and the Spurs in the late 90’s when David Robinson was the face of the franchise. I would go to games at the Alamodome and sit courtside because there was a discount for children. From then on my lifelong love affair with the sport began. There are plenty of sites where you can go to learn about stats, news articles, and equipment reviews for most sports, so we fixed our focus on Basketball.

With BasketballWithinBorders, we want to share our passion for the game by providing you with need-to-know information and great basketball gear for players and fans of all ages. Whether you just started playing or you’re a seasoned pro, there are options suited to your style of play.

BasketballWithinBorders features basketball-related products, guides, reviews, and tutorials. We cover everything from basics such as how to play basketball to advanced topics like game strategy and defense.