How To Clean Basketball Shoes?

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Footprints play an important role and create some lovely memories with time. It may be your love or passion or any other. For that, you need your confidence and also the awesome footwear that drives you forward. So do you ever wonder, how to clean Basketball Shoes you love?

Well, this article will provide you with easy methods you can adopt in your daily routine so as to clean your basketball shoes! Sports are always meant to be a passion for the sportsperson. It creates great memories for every player. Sports like cricket, football, athletics and many other games which concern about the footwear the players are wearing for their match.

The common term called was sneakers it was used for many disciplines.
Coming to the basketball, the player who looks gigantic and hefty, they mostly concern about their shoes. Here there are ways to clean and care the basketball shoes.

Maintenance And Cleaning

Anything you buy it needs some maintenance. Even if it is also, the human body we maintain it every day by doing some exercises. Here, basketball shoes also need some maintenance to serve them for a longer time.

How to clean basketball shoes

Clean The Stains

It will be very effective while we use our hands for cleaning the shoes. First of all, the most important thing to be concerned is, what brand we are buying? Either it has a warranty or replacement? These are all the things that must be concerned while buying shoes.

First of all, clean the shoes after you come home. Take the clean and dirt-free brushes to clean the possible removable stains or dirt that deposited over the shoe. If you have the canvas material in your shoes, there is also one cleaning method namely soiling.

If you have the shoes like canvas, let cake the shoes on the mud dry so that you can brush the shoes and remove the dirt off with a stiff brush. Once you have done, then start to clean the shoes. Remember that, you wiped off the whole soil from the shoes, otherwise, it will be shaggy and slippery while playing.


Wipe Off The Surface Dirt

After you are done with your mud cleaning process, then move on to wipe the surface of the shoes. It must be done only after the whole shoes become dry. Take the soft and gentle brush like toothbrush or shoe brush. Apply gently over the surface of the shoe and start cleaning.

If the mud is still moist, use a soft or dampened cloth, that will wipe-off the mud particles that deposited over the shoes. It will take nearly 5 to 6 minutes for the surface cleaning.

Use A Cleaning Solution

It is necessary to clean any instrument or device with the cleaning agents like sodium stearate or carboxylic acids and other detergent agents are there. Take a bowl which must be cleaned and tidy.

Take warm water in the cup to get the better dissolving of the detergent agents. Add a few drops of the detergent solution (soap oil) in the bowl and stir well until it turns into bubbly. Rub over the shoes gently with a soft cloth and apply the soft detergent.


Try to avoid the harsh detergents or chemicals and remove the shoelaces while you are applying the solution over the shoes. Remember that the usage of any heavy chemicals or detergents, that leads to the damage of the shoes.

Remove The Cleaning Solution Carefully

Once the solution was applied gently over the shoes, it is the time to remove away the solution completely from the shoes. The solution must be removed gently from the shoes, as it was applied to the shoes. Take a piece of white cloth which must be dry, fold it and gently remove the soapy solution from the shoes.

Clean one or two times, that is necessary to get rid of the solution completely. Kindly look after the nook and corner of the shoe, because the corner portion of the shoe is likely to get dirty easily. After that, use water to clean the whole shoe and make it look like a new shoe with your work.

Drying The Shoes

After completion of all the process, it is the final process of keeping shoes dry. It is necessary to dry the shoes. Why because, if you left the shoes after cleaning the water will drive into the pore of the shoes and there might be a chance of affecting the shoe material.

For drying, we don’t need any dryer to dry the shoes. For that, there is an only simple step, that keeps the shoes in the open space or under the surface of the sun.

Also remember that long time of keeping under sunlight, it may also cause patches over the shoes and in many cases, it might be possible. Also, make sure that the whole shoes become dry and check the inner part of the shoes and also the insole of the shoes.


Focus Upon SafeKeeping

Once the shoes got fully dry, look for any courier boxes or any thick water-resistant covers to keep the shoes safe. You can also store the shoes in your footwear stand, but only along with the box or cover.

It is better to keep the shoes in a bag which contains a zip. It will be helpful for you to carry while you are going outside and you won’t forget it.

How To Clean The Inner And Outer Components Of Your Shoes?

After cleaning the whole shoes from outside, it is also important to look after the insole and the bottom of the shoes. The insole must be strong and comfortable for the user and also the bottom must be looked after and that do not cause any disturbance to the user while wearing the shoes.

  1. Scrub the soles:
  2. Take the ingredients which include toothbrush and toothpaste and a cup of warm water and dish soap. Add a plain of white toothpaste in toothbrush and dip into the solution which was containing warm water with dish soap. Use a damp cloth and remove the stains.

You can also make it as a paste by the combination of the spoonful of baking soda and a small amount of water and stir it until it becomes a paste.

Toothpaste On Leather Panels

Clear the surface debris with the help of any dry cloth or soft brush and also use warm water lightly to remove any moderate strains. Rub the leather and remove the toothpaste and dirt with a cloth.

How To Clean White Shoes?

The cleaning activity of shoes takes some long time to finish and also very hard to maintain. In case you are a sports personality, it will take more time to look after your shoes. If you have white shoes, it will take even an hour to finish the cleaning process. Here are some of the best and quick effective methods that help in removing the dirt easily.

Here is the unique method of removing the dirt as follows:

  • Add a few picks of toothpaste in a solution of warm water and drops of dish soap
  • Use this magical mixture to remove the dirt from the shoes and make it as a new shining shoes 
  • Remember that when you wipe off the solution from the surface of the shoe with a clean and tidy cloth, to remove the dirt completely.

If you care and are concerned about your shoes, try to follow some of the additional steps that help maintain your shoes. Here the steps involved in washing and drying the shoes as follows:

  • Add gentle wash in the washing machine with low spin. Because the leather might have the chance to be get damaged. To avoid that, prefer low spin.
  • Keep a thick cloth over the shoes while keeping it in the washing machine like a towel. That will help the shoes to run without any intrusion with the drum.
  • We ensure that you remove that you removed the shoelace and also the insole of the shoes.
  • Once dry the shoes after completed its wash and dry with the dryer before drying in the air or under the sun.

Some Additional Tips

I almost covered with all the methods and practices which I have experienced. Also, take a look at the some of the additional tips here I mentioned:

  • Develop the habit of washing or cleaning your shoes after every game. By doing that, you are shoes will be under maintenance of yours and hence, the life of the shoe somewhat can be improved.
  • After every game, take out the shoes and keep them under the sun or open air. It is because your sweat smell pertains inside the shoes and to eliminate that it is necessary to eliminate the bad smell by keeping outside.
  • Keep a shoe deodorizer with you every time, if you are going long for any tournaments. Hence, it will not cause any uncomfortable odour.
  • Also, ensure that you are wearing shoes only you were present in the court


Anything you buy, it needs some care and maintenance. Remember these points and apply it, remain hygiene. You must keep your shoes neat and clean. It will enhance your overall focus as well as your personality both On and Off the Court!

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How To Clean Basketball Shoes?

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