Meaning Of Bonus In Basketball

meaning of bonus in basketball

Basketball is a sport where teamwork takes place. It is an indoor game. This sport is a type of competition between two teams, comprising of 5 players each, opposing each other on a court of rectangular shape. Their primary motive is to shoot their basketball in the hoop defending the other team while also preventing another team to shoot through their hoop. Do you ever wonder, what is the meaning of Bonus in Basketball?

The game comprises of many rules and regulations, out of which we will discuss the main one, if any attempt is unfairly done then there is a disadvantage to the opponent team through certain types of physical contacts or fouls(personal). We’ll try to understand the meaning of Bonus in basketball by the means of this article.

Meaning Of Bonus

Now in this game, there comes a point where one team gets a chance to shoot a bonus out of the above fouls and the fouls are mostly committed by the defensive players or It can be offensive players too. Players who have committed the fouls either receive the ball or receive one or more free throws.


However, the main point of free throws is that also known as bonus points to the offending/ defending team, these throws are given to the team if anyone has committed a foul and can also have free score/points through these throws.

What Do Free Throws Mean?

The players are given a chance to shoot a bonus point/ throw from the foul line, also known as charity stripe. This bonus has many different names in many associations or organizations, like penalty situation, no foul, free throw (common word).

These throws are generally taking place by the best players as these free throws are bound to be the worth points in the game to win from the opposing team. But there are cases when the best of players is also not able to make these attempts as there are only 70-80% of chances to do this free throw. Best Players like Mark Price, Steve Nash, Rick Berry and many others are regarded as the experts of Free Throws!

When Are Free Throws Awarded?

There are plenty of situations when these free throws are given or awarded. The most common is the one when a player is bound to shoot and the other player taps or do a foul in the middle of the other players shooting. The other situation arises when one team has committed more than 5 fouls and the other team gets a chance to have a bonus whether or not in the act of shooting.

A Player Free-Throwing A Basketball.

Bonus is generally organized in procession. The player who gets the throw stands behind the mainline and takes a shoot and during that time the other opponent’s team, only four(4) players, are required to take their positions on the court and are required to move after the throw is done, this is NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) rules. As per the FIBA (Federation International De Basketball) rules, only three (3) players from the opponent’s team are allowed on the court.

There are generally good players in a team of basketball but as it is said that everything has pros than cons too. Now, these cons are generally the poor players who can’t shoot the ball at a hoop with 70-80% of chances, they have a 50-50% chance to shoot at their best level. Now because of this, the opponent team make a foul with a player mentioned above as per the poor performance which can lead their team to have a low scoring.

Techniques To Score Well

To score well, there comes a good strategy for the players to shoot the hoop, they need to point well and focus on the box of the hoop to make a score/basket/bonus. Whereas the opponent team will make a good attempt to stop the score by taking the rebound and passing on to each other to make their score.


However, to score well, there is a technique which is old yet useful for players to shoot well is to shoot the ball from a downward direction and with a good jump as it goes well in the air and gives an increased chance for the team to score whereas from the upward direction and a jump can give a little fewer chances for the players to score.

Since we have discussed the type of basketball players play in the NBA, there is a different type of style in college or high school. This style is a lot more interesting but is not used in the NBA.

What Is Double Bonus?

As we have discussed bonus, there is a “double bonus” too which is usually in high school or college and we can remember it as “Bonus”, the same. In this, the team when making a foul gives an advantage to the other team to make a bonus as said above but when they hit the hoop then they get another chance to do as said, one-on-one.

When the opposing team makes the seventh foul, then the defending team gets the bonus point and the opponent team continues to make the fouls up to 10th level than double bonus rules start applying in the game which gives a good advantage for the players to score more and win.


Basketball is a simple game which has a primary motive to shoot in the hoop and defend the other team to make a score. This game requires a good build, athletic ability and brains to tackle the opponent. This game also requires teamwork from which a team can win.

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Meaning Of Bonus In Basketball

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