The Truth About NBA Waterboys!


Last night I was thinking about my career, and a strange idea hopped in, “What if I become a waterboy? How much do they even make?” As per the Boston Celtics Statistics, the base salary for NBA waterboys starts at an average of $58,000 per annum.

The pay varies based on their experience as well as expertise. Yep, you read that right, $58000. But wait, let me explain a little more below!

How Much Do NBA Waterboys Make?

According to the Boston Celtics statistics, an average NBA waterboy makes around $58,000 per annum. While the number varies from team to team and on the individual’s capabilities, this should give you a rough idea of what you should expect if you become one.

Beginners are almost always paid less initially, and the pay gradually rises with their experience. They do much more than what their name describes and they are even paid based on their skills.

NBA Waterboys

Once you move up the ladder, the highest possible pay you can achieve should be around $100,000. However, keep in mind that you’ll then be a part of a more significant job title, perhaps training staff so your responsibilities will go up as well.

Over and above the basic pay, waterboys get access to the team matches, lots of free gears, and sometimes even souvenirs from players (that’s priceless!

Other Jobs Available At NBA

It turns out that being a waterboy at the NBA is a very lucrative job when we compare it to similar roles on offer. NBA mascots make around $45,000 per annum on average. Dancers and cheerleaders make even lesser.


Surprisingly, being a waterboy can sometimes be more rewarding than being an athlete. Starting salary of an NBA player stands at only $35,000 per annum. However, it increases steadily with experience and skill set of the athlete. Novice baseball players, on the other hand, end up making even lesser than this.

What Does A Waterboy Do?

Waterboy is a loosely used term for someone who’s a part of the training staff at the NBA team. But, do you know they are paid based on their skills, experience, and fitness?” its not easy being waterboy.


He must have an intricate idea about the sport being played and the times of break he has to keep the players hydrated. They also double as a towel boy, as and when required.

Also, if you can be both a waterboy and a training guy, you have the edge over others and can have a fat salary, not in millions though, for that, you need to play the game well.

How To Become An NBA Waterboy?

As a young fan, you might want to get close to your favourite players, and becoming a waterboy is one such way. The job doesn’t require you to have any specific qualifications as such. However, good knowledge of the game is always appreciated. You should get in touch with your local NBA team to understand what they expect from someone holding this position and see if you are the right fit for this.

Where To Apply?

Getting a job of a waterboy can be tricky since many people want a job like this. You’ll have to put in extra work to land upon this role. First, contact your local NBA club, stay in touch with them, and have some basic knowledge about basketball in the first place! Because sooner or later you may become a part of the training staff too.

Often, these roles are filled by interns or relatives of the coach to save up on the costs. See if someone from your family or friends have direct contact with the club. Having connections will expedite the application process and increase your chances of getting in.

You shouldn’t worry if that’s not the case with you. Just stay in touch with the club and follow-up regularly. You need to be patient until the time they have an opening available. Ask them about the selection process and also show them that you’re enthusiastic about assuming this role.

Till then, try being a waterboy in your school and college games, you may not get paid but that gives you some prior experience and it counts. And most of all it requires patience. Be patient and passionate and you may even stand aside from your favourite NBA player!


Becoming a waterboy at NBA sure is a fun job and pays well too. However, think before you jump in because it takes lots of work and patience to it. Even to become a waterboy? Yeah, even to become a waterboy.

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The Truth About NBA Waterboys!

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